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Life By Lens | September 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Today’s post is part of a monthly blog project where I share some personal photos along with a group of fellow photographers across the country. It has been such a great way to keep me inspired and remember to capture those fleeting moments of childhood! Don’t forget to check out the link below to see what my talented friends have been up to!

Brandon has been getting swim lessons at our local Y for the last few months and loves going underwater! It was fun trying out the GoPro under water and capturing some fun photos! We are trying to enjoy the pool as much as possible so lots and lots of water photos this month!


Brandon also turned 7 this month and we celebrated with ice cream cake and a special trip to Legoland (sorry no pictures since I didn’t want to make the day about photos, he gets enough of that already!)


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Life By Lens | August 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Well summer is officially over and we are back in the classroom. I think we had a pretty fun summer this year. Last month, Brandon went to visit in cousin in California and the rest of us went over a couple of weeks after and spent some time with him.

Life By Lens is a fun project that I am participating in with a wonderful group of photographers where our goal each month is to document our everyday lives.

Flying with a 3 year old is always so much fun! He was actually quite entertaining and unlike most kids, not once did he ask, “Are we there yet?”. Made the 4.5 hr flight go by so much quicker!


We spent a few days hanging out with the kids and I had fun playing with my new fish eye lens!


Love this huge flag mural at the local shopping center!


We got on the road and this was one of the first stops when we arrived at Monterey.


The beach near the house we stayed in Carmel, CA.


Did a ton of hiking! I love that they enjoyed it and asked to go more and more!


More hiking at Big Sur. This was at McWay Falls! So pretty! And some photos from 17-mile drive.


The rocks at Pfiefer Beach was amazing!


One of my favorite stop was Point Lobos State Park. Saw a family of seals and a couple of deer and this awesome “Hidden Beach”.


The house we stayed at on top of the mountain in Carmel was literally in the clouds! One of the many beautiful sunsets I was able to capture. My silly kids of course!


See? This little house was so quiet and quaint. A perfect place to get away! So sad we had to leave!


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Life By Lens | July 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Summer is flying by and this month snuck up on me! This is a fun project that I am participating in with a wonderful group of photographers where our goal each month is to document our everyday lives.

We’ve been having so much fun this summer doing our usual things. Legoland is still a favorite place for the boys to go. We had so much fun on the 4th of July hanging out there and watching the amazing fireworks show.


Another summer and another trip for my oldest son to go visit his cousin in California. See here he is! :)2014-07-18_0006

He flew over there with my parents and I will go over and get him in a week or so! I can’t wait to see him! So the little one and I have just been hanging out.


We even re-created a photo shoot we did with my oldest when he was three. My little Super Boy!Nghi-Le-Photography-Child-Photographer

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Sweet Baby Olivia

Tampa Baby Photographer

Newborns are my favorite age but a close second would have to be the 3-6 month range. This age is filled with so much curiosity and happiness! We are usually able to capture so many smiles and the babies always just stare down the camera which is great because we end up with lots of eye contact! Miss Olivia was just a sweet and adorable baby. I always feel so lucky to photograph such beautiful babies!


Life By Lens | May 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Life by lens is a project that I am participating in with a wonderful group of photographers where our goal each month is to document our everyday lives through our lens.

This month started with blueberry picking! We found a farm 15 minutes from our house called BlueYouth Farms. We had so much fun picking them, we went twice! Two weekends in a row! I’m pretty sure we got enough blueberries to feed an army!

Tampa Florida Blueberry Picking

Then we just put our feet up and try to relax because the rest of the month was quite busy!

Tampa Children Photography

Someone finally got a visit from the Tooth Fairy this month! I was told afterwards that the Tooth Fairy was very generous this time and that next time around she may not be!

Tampa Child Lifestyle Photography

We traveled down to Miami to be a part of my cousin’s wedding and had a fabulous time at the resort! We definitely will be visiting this resort again! Such a beautiful city!

Tampa Florida Lifestyle PhotographerTampa Florida Children Photography

Got some shots of them in their dressed up outfits! Not cooperating, but what’s new?

Tampa Florida Child Photography

I didn’t get to take many photos from the wedding because I was in the bridal party but I did sneak in a few here and there. I’ll definitely be blogging the photos when I’m done editing all of them! One of my favorites from the evening!

Tampa Wedding Photographer


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Baby Addison

Tampa Newborn Photographer

It’s no big secret I am in love with newborns. I was fortunate enough to photograph sweet 7 day old Addison. I’m sure we all are made aware of the sleep deprivation that comes along with a brand new baby. Poor little Addison couldn’t get any sleep the night before and her poor exhausted parents obviously didn’t either. We thought she would be so tired and sleep the entire session but nope, Miss Addison was quite happy being awake and observing her new environment outside the womb. She eventually drifted off to dreamland and stayed asleep the rest of the session. Here are some of my favorites from her newborn session! 

Nghi Le Photography is a natural light and studio photographer that specializes in newborn photography. She is an on location newborn photographer in greater Tampa Bay Fl; contact her today to schedule your newborn session.


Life By Lens | April 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Life by lens is a project that I am participating in with a wonderful group of photographers where our goal each month is to document our everyday lives through our lens.

Get ready for some photos overload!! It was a good month for me!

I took part in a month long photography challenge and it really helped me work on my creativity. I had two subjects to pick from; both have different levels of uncooperativeness! But this little cutie won out in the end.

Tampa_Child_Lifestyle_Photography (2)Tampa_Child_Lifestyle_Photography_Florida

Al Lopez Park is one of our favorite parks to go to because they have so many fun and unique playground equipment. The kids always have a blast there. The only problem is that it’s so popular and there is always a big crowd, not the best environment for photos. Just need to time the shot to make it feel like it wasn’t so crowded.Tampa_Child_Lifestyle_Photography

One of our favorite spring time activities in Florida is to go strawberry picking. I always look forward to this time of year and the kids enjoy this so much! We’ve been to this particular farm in Seffner, Florida a couple of times already, I love seeing the rows and rows of strawberry plants and they always have an abundance of sweet strawberries to pick. It’s so hard to be in front of the camera when you are always the one behind it but the kids need to know that I actually do exist in pictures! Got my wonderful hubby to snap a few of me, he didn’t do so bad!Tampa_Florida_Strawberry_Picking_2014

Easter time is usually a great opportunity to get some portraits of kids but I’ve pretty much given up on trying to get posed photos of them. We “staged” an Easter egg hunt in the backyard so I could get some photos of them collecting their eggs. We hid them over and over again and they loved every minute of it.


And look at these two photos we got! Opened one egg to find Hersheys Kisses in them and they had to give kisses to be able to eat it! And it worked! They really do love each other!Tampa_Florida_Easter_Photography


Join me next month for a little peek into our lives. But for now, enjoy the circle by clicking on the next photographer’s blog, Reena Giola Photography. You’ll be blown away by her work!

Life By Lens | March 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Life by Lens is a project that I am participating in with a wonderful group of photographers where our goal each month is to document our everyday lives through our lens.

This project has definitely kept me on my toes about taking photos of the boys. There’s nothing that makes me more happy than to see a whole album full of photos at the end of the year that I put together. We don’t even have to go anywhere to make the photos special, sometimes even just photos of them in the house doing everyday things are the best ones.

They love pretending to be daddy, putting on his glasses and his work badge. They are so silly sometimes, actually, all the time.


I love every little detail about them. Even when the 6 year old insists on putting a little water balloon in his toes when I wanted to get a photo of his big boy feet.


I wish we take them to the park more to play because they clearly just love it.


Even playing in the driveway is a lot of fun, especially when the weather is this beautiful in Florida this time of year!


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Life By Lens | February 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Welcome to another “Life by Len’s blog circle post! I have had so much fun working on this project with so many amazing photographers. Make sure you click on the link to see the next photographer’s post!

This month’s post is pretty special to me. Today marks fifteen years of my husband and I. It’s amazing to think I’ve known him almost half my life and I couldn’t imagine where I would be without him. This is one of our first photo together; you can almost see the sparkle in my eye and feel the butterflies in my stomach. I’m pretty sure he still makes me feel that way and I’m positive that our love is stronger now than it has ever been. 2014-02-19_0002

And now fifteen years later, we’ve built a strong marriage to raise our two little stinkers. Two little stinkers who are getting harder and harder to photograph but we love them nonetheless.



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Life By Lens | January 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

I’m so excited about another Life by Lens post this month! This has been such an inspiring project as I get to participate along with some amazing photographers. Be sure to check out all of the photographers participating by clicking on the link at the end of each post!

I didn’t get a chance to take as many photos as I liked this past month but I still got some keepers! One of my favorites from this month was a quick 5 min shoot with Nathan in my studio for New Years. He is three and so difficult to photograph but amazingly he gave me the best expressions.


And just when I think he can’t get any cuter, he goes and does this. Gosh, this just reminds me how he’ll always be my baby. Always.


To finish off, just a few snapshots of the kids at one of their favorite place. Legoland has become a regular weekend trip for us!



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