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Baby Tristan – 2 Weeks New

Tampa Newborn Photographer

This little guy is what dreams are made of. He was just the perfect little newborn model for his first photo session. He has such dark thick hair and adorable little features. He sure didn’t make my job hard at all! I am so excited to share some of my favorites from his newborn session!  

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Baby Audrey – 10 Days New

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography, I’m so glad you found me or I’m so glad I found you! You make my heart warm and my life complete. Nothing compares to a day when I get to cuddle with a sweet newborn and capturing every little detail. Miss Audrey was as sweet and adorable as can be. Took her a bit to drift off to dreamland but once she did, she was amazing! We were able to get so many perfect photos of her newness. Just look at those chipmunk cheeks, don’t you just want to squeeze them?


Baby William

Tampa Newborn Photographer

 I honestly get the sweetest and most adorable newborns to photograph. Mr. William rocked his session and I was able to get so many adorable sleepy set ups of him. His hair was definitely my favorite feature but his adorable little face was a super close second. Here are some of my favorite photos from his newborn session!


Baby Mason

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Remember this gorgeous maternity session? Well after the session, we patiently waited for his arrival. His due date came and went and Mr. Mason was perfectly content in his mommy’s belly. He finally made his appearance in the world just less than 2 weeks after his due date. We were finally able to schedule his newborn session and he was completely worth the wait! This little guy was so perfect for his second photo-shoot! A complete dream!! He barely made a peep the entire time and flashed us so many adorable smiles! Someone must have had some pretty good dreams! Here are a few photos that I love from his newborn session. So lucky to see him again two more times! Yay for baby planners!

South-Tampa-Newborn-Baby-PhotographySouth-Tampa-Newborn-Baby-Boy-PhotographerTamps-Newborn-Nghi-Le -PhotogrphyTampa-Simply-Newborn-Photographer-


Baby Jack

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Meet 9 day old Jack. Oh my goodness, Jack was the sleepiest, most precious little guy ever! He is beyond adorable. Just one sweet little cuddle bug. I could have played and played with him but his parents wouldn’t have liked it if I was in their home cuddling their newborn baby all day long! I absolutely loved everything about this handsome little guy, from his cute button nose, those perfect rose bud lips and adorable bald head. Oh and I don’t remember ever laughing so much at a session before, his parents were so much fun to hang out with and I love their laid back personalities. Jack is so lucky to have such amazing fun parents! Enjoy some of my favorite photos from his session! 


Baby Ella

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Meet 10 day old Ella. I could not get enough of her! She is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever met. She has just the sweetest little lips, adorable little round face, baby soft skin, and oh so squishy and sweet. Every little feature is just perfection. She was quite verbal on what she didn’t like but we persevered and were able to get some adorable newborn photographs for her parents. Please enjoy some of my favorite photos from her newborn session!


Baby Audrey

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Yay! Back to a newborn streak! I love love love newborn photography. They are probably the most difficult to photograph of all the age groups but there is something about them but they just make me over the moon happy! I had the opportunity to photograph 9 day old Baby Audrey and boy was she amazing!! She did nothing but sleep the entire session and let me play and play with her. Her big brother was a little hesitant about being photographed but after a lot of patience (LOTS!), he finally agreed to lie down next to her and then we got this shot. Sweetest sibling photo ever!


Baby Leo

Tampa Newborn Photographer

What is it about newborn photography that I love so much? Are you ready for some newborn photos from one of my favorite newborn sessions to date? Mr. Leo was a beautiful little chunker with a head full of black hair. If his parents and big brother weren’t so smitten with their new little baby boy, I would have asked to take him home with me! My boys would love him! Well, of course I couldn’t so I just had to enjoy every little second of photographing him. He was a dream and slept through the entire session without making as much as a peep.


Baby Addison

Tampa Newborn Photographer

It’s no big secret I am in love with newborns. I was fortunate enough to photograph sweet 7 day old Addison. I’m sure we all are made aware of the sleep deprivation that comes along with a brand new baby. Poor little Addison couldn’t get any sleep the night before and her poor exhausted parents obviously didn’t either. We thought she would be so tired and sleep the entire session but nope, Miss Addison was quite happy being awake and observing her new environment outside the womb. She eventually drifted off to dreamland and stayed asleep the rest of the session. Here are some of my favorites from her newborn session! 

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Baby Josie

Tampa Newborn Photographer

Josie’s mom booked the newborn session a few months before she arrived. We were both very excited and preparing for her arrival and I could not wait to cuddle with a fresh little newborn! Right after she was born, I came down with the flu, yup, the one where I was bedbound for 3 straight days, aches, pains, headaches, fevers, chills, you name it, I felt it. There was no way I was going to be able to shoot her newborn photos at day 7 as planned. By the time I was fully recovered, she was 13 days old, just at the cut off for sleepy newborn photos and she was a complete rockstar! She slept the entire time and was my quickest newborn session to date! So many gorgeous photos of a beautiful little lady with a head full of hair. I am so sad to hear that Josie’s parents moved back to Texas to be closer to family earlier this month. I would have loved to see her grow through my lens!