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Life by Lens | April 2013

Life by Lens is a monthly blog circle project I am participating in with a wonderfully talented group of photographers where our goal each month is to document normal everyday things we otherwise wouldn’t.  So I’m taking this opportunity to capture a the little things and push my creativity to the next level. At the end of my blog post, you can view the next photographer’s post and so on and so on until you’ve come full circle!

So I pretty much got started into photography because I wanted to take better photos of my children. It started when my first son was born but really took off after my second son came along. A lot of my photos in the beginning were setting up different “photoshoots” with them posed, well dressed, different props, sometimes with my studio set up or dragging them out to a location I thought would look nice. Well, after a while, they got sick, annoyed, uncooperative, you name it, it wasn’t very easy to get them to smile and look at the camera, there were more tears, running away, and taking photos of the backs of their heads or nothing at all. So it was either give up taking photos of them or try a different approach. Of course giving up photographing them was not going to be the option, I opted to take on the “lifestyle” route and capture them doing things they already did, like playing, taking a bath, sleeping, eating, outings, etc. However, the photographer and perfectionist in me makes sure I “set up” the shot with the right lighting, sometimes rearranging things around the house to declutter the photo, grabbing the right lens for shot because a single change in focal length, aperture, shutter speed can make a different photo. So I was still able to take photos of them and nothing was forced and everyone was happier! And while I love posed, smile at the camera, well-dressed photos, these are the type of photos I cherish in my family photo album.

While our adventures on a weekday afternoon after we come home from work/school are not very exciting, it’s still something I want to remember. Even though it’s crazy hectic, trying to cook dinner, getting them snacks to hold them off until dinner is ready, keeping them out of trouble all at the same time, it’s moments like this that are too easily forgotten.

We always make time to play outside while the weather is bearable and on this bright sun kissed afternoon, the little one brought out the stuffed Woody doll and I just loved how he was carrying it around. And don’t let this little innocent face fool you though, he’s a big trouble maker in the making.


This is the main reason why I’ve almost given up taking photos of the kids. I get these goofy, obnoxious expressions from this one all the time! I think I was telling him to look at me and smile and instead of doing just that, he gave me this pose.



But I’ll take some cute scrunched up nose giggles any day! What I give to have such innocence again!


Potty training this time around has been a little challenging to say the least. At 2.5, my older son was pretty close to being potty trained and I was surprised how easy it was! Well, the little one has zero interest in going in his little cute froggy potty and is happily content doing his business anywhere he feels like. I was just happy he sat on it the other day…


…unsuccessful but we still practiced good hand hygiene and washed our hands.


Onto to their favorite activity of the day. And this day was even more special because they got to take a bath in my tub, which by the way I’ve been in a whole zero times. Their bathroom has unfortunately one tiny window and not photography friendly.  This bath also is the first bubble bath they’ve had ever since the older one has severe skin sensitivities and most soaps irritate his skin. I’ve searched all over and finally found a super sensitive fragrance free bubble bath made by California Baby.  It was a happy day!






Wow that was long and wordy! I’ll try to keep it short for next time! Next up is the crazy talented Reena Giola Photographyall the way from Tucson, Arizona! She has lots of furry friends who are probably more willing subjects than mine!


12 thoughts on “Life by Lens | April 2013

  1. Sherri Kelly

    20 Apr on 2013 at 8:50 am

    Precious photos of your boys Nghi! I’m so inspired by the way you captured all these little moments and all in your clean modern style.

  2. Stephanie

    20 Apr on 2013 at 9:03 am

    Love, love, love every one of these! You captured your boys so perfectly Nghi. There is so much fun and variety in this set.

    Super duper cute!!!

  3. Reena

    20 Apr on 2013 at 9:06 am

    Nghi I just love getting a glimpse into your lives with the boys…the bubble bath ones are so terrific (ok ALL of them are!) but I think my favorite is the first one with him carrying around the toy…precious! I can’t wait till next month to see what you post! :)

  4. Laura

    20 Apr on 2013 at 9:46 am

    Oh Nghi! Amazing! I am in the same boat as you! My kids gave up on cute dressed up pics, unless heavily heavily bribed. These are the pictures that matter the most anyways. I love the soldier “at attention” pic. lol I love love love your black and whites! Totally my style! Beautiful work!

  5. Christine

    20 Apr on 2013 at 4:11 pm

    I totally feel your pain with potty training right now! I adore the bath tub ones x

  6. jen

    20 Apr on 2013 at 4:29 pm

    oh my gosh!!! I LOVE THEM ALL. Your kids are adorable. I love the perspective you got on the potty training one. too cute! That needs to be posted at his wedding for sure! :)

  7. Katelyn

    20 Apr on 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Wonderful photos Nghi!!! they capture the moments of things you will always remember. I love the toes in the water picture!!

  8. Sara

    20 Apr on 2013 at 5:43 pm

    I love that potty training pic. Cracks me up! And soldier at attention should win some sort of photo contest:) But love them all!

  9. huong le

    20 Apr on 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Such cool pics!! U r such a natural!! Even these casual pics look amazing!

  10. Andrea

    21 Apr on 2013 at 12:24 am

    Great shots Nghi! Of course I expect nothing less from you. :) Definitely inspiring! Way to capture those everyday moments!
    (PS – I LOVE California Baby)

  11. Maria

    21 Apr on 2013 at 2:05 pm

    I just love your lifestyle work. You always inspire me to take more candid, natural shots. Love all of these!!

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