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Tampa Children Photographer

Life By Lens | August 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

Well summer is officially over and we are back in the classroom. I think we had a pretty fun summer this year. Last month, Brandon went to visit in cousin in California and the rest of us went over a couple of weeks after and spent some time with him.

Life By Lens is a fun project that I am participating in with a wonderful group of photographers where our goal each month is to document our everyday lives.

Flying with a 3 year old is always so much fun! He was actually quite entertaining and unlike most kids, not once did he ask, “Are we there yet?”. Made the 4.5 hr flight go by so much quicker!


We spent a few days hanging out with the kids and I had fun playing with my new fish eye lens!


Love this huge flag mural at the local shopping center!


We got on the road and this was one of the first stops when we arrived at Monterey.


The beach near the house we stayed in Carmel, CA.


Did a ton of hiking! I love that they enjoyed it and asked to go more and more!


More hiking at Big Sur. This was at McWay Falls! So pretty! And some photos from 17-mile drive.


The rocks at Pfiefer Beach was amazing!


One of my favorite stop was Point Lobos State Park. Saw a family of seals and a couple of deer and this awesome “Hidden Beach”.


The house we stayed at on top of the mountain in Carmel was literally in the clouds! One of the many beautiful sunsets I was able to capture. My silly kids of course!


See? This little house was so quiet and quaint. A perfect place to get away! So sad we had to leave!


Head on over to the fabulous Sally Kate Photography to see her always gorgeous photos this month!

5 thoughts on “Life By Lens | August 2014

Tampa Children Photographer

  1. Reena

    21 Aug on 2014 at 9:14 am


    These are FANTASTIC!! looks like you and your family had a great time and I love the fisheye lens. What great photographs to remember your time in California!

  2. Stephanie

    21 Aug on 2014 at 9:48 am

    Nghi… I’m DYING… Seriously, DYING over these photos.

    Gah! They are so, so, so amazing, and I’m so incredibly jealous of your insane talent. You take the everyday, and make it so extraordinary.

    The beach photos are truly divine, and quite honestly, this may be my favorite set of pictures of yours ever!!!

  3. JoAnna

    21 Aug on 2014 at 10:31 am

    Looks like an amazing trip! So much fun! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!!

  4. sally

    21 Aug on 2014 at 1:29 pm

    OH WOW!!! A whole wide angle post! How cool is that!!! So many incredible pictures, I’m so in love with the movie theatre one. Super cool, all of them.

  5. Stephanie Krasowski

    21 Aug on 2014 at 8:24 pm


    Great pictures of what looked like a great vacation!
    Did you seriously go to the Santa Barbara Zoo? Thats my hometown!
    Looking forward to seeing more great photos from you!


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